Welcome to Caldygate Great Danes

Breeders of distinction of Fawn and Brindle Great Danes for over thirty years.
Caldygate Great Danes came into being in 2004 after Anna had arrived in Cape Town from the UK. Her great love for this breed has spanned decades.


I have always been a German Shepherd fan. I did competition obedience many years ago. One day a rescue Great Dane ended up at my home and after one day I knew I could never part with him. I fell completely in love with the breed thanks to Zorro. He is now ten years old and doing well.
I am a registered nurse but have also worked as a veterinary nurse. I love all animals but horses and dogs are the closest to my heart. I studied animal behaviour under Professor Odendaal and this proved to be helpful in my many years of dealing with dogs.
I have worked in a rescue organization and have seen far too much of what goes on, from puppy farming to extreme cruelty.
I got to know Anna when I got Zorro. He was terribly starved and I was terrified of doing the wrong thing. Anna was extremely kind and guided me through the process of getting him strong. I got my next Dane in 2014 and he proved to be smart and the most protective dog I have ever owned. I then got his half-brother in 2015 and he is my pride and Joy.
Both my Danes do competition obedience. Phoenix is in the show ring and by 13 months had 4 Cc’s. I love to have dogs with beauty and brains.


Partly brought up in South Africa and UK with some other countries in between.
My first Dane came out of Kampala, Uganda dog pound in 1968. A large black male called Ugly.
The next Dane, a rescue from Nairobi, came to England with the us. Back in England I bought a fawn bitch from the well known Sherain Kennels. She lived to 14 years and won extensively. However, in those days Danes came second to competition horses.
In 1990 I came back to South Africa.