Ethical Breeders of quality Great Danes

Colour Bred Kennel Name Owner/ Contact Contact no Email web ref
Fawn/Brindle Gaitewai Great Danes Alta Wait 072 865 6947
Caldy Gate Belinda Davidson 072 142 2748
Tretower Debbie Sutcliffe
Fawn Fairmoor Martin & Leigh Beckmann 083 505 9329
Vom Danois Michelle Geldenhuys 071 864 5856
Harlequin / Mantle Gavelle Great Danes Gavin & Michelle Henderson 082 552 1628 (Gavin)
083 409 6197 (Michelle)
Saxony Great Danes Shannon McKay 072 452 9092 sms or w/app pref
Carlu Great Danes Carel and Lucil Breytenbach 083 294 4238
Reyn Thirusha Padiachy 078 894 1948
Durwardglen Anna van Heerden 079 900 1083
Blue Brukkaros Great Danes Coen & Lana de Klerk 072 620 3040
Black / Blue Slagan Great Danes Mrs Samantha v Niekerk 082 494 9154
Gatonford Great Danes Daniel van Wyk 072 460 0542

Rescue Danes

If you would prefer an older Dane rather than a puppy then why not consider giving one of these gorgeous rescue dogs a home. I fell in love with the breed when I rescued a lovely boy ten years ago that I named, Zorro. I had always been a German Shepherd fan. He is a merle and we bonded instantly. He is now eleven years old and never leaves my side. He is my guardian and my friend and we have seen many things together. Sure, he has issue’s. He was really starved so is food obsessed but very helpful for training. He is aloof and tends to ignore people but what a bundle of love. These dogs are not aggressive by nature so why not consider giving one a special place in your home and heart. Please see the rescue page for available dogs up for adoption: